Help me retrieve

Please help me. Im so stupid I uninstalled my app and reinstalled it thinking it was lagging and now ive completely loss everything. It made it back to zero. I just purchased the coins for thirty days my roster is full of trainers i was waitinf for it for level up but now its gone i uninstalled and installed again and its the empty app that is appearing please help me, please

You didn’t link to facebook?

Think you will need your account code and a purchase receipt if not linked.

No cus i dont have face book, what weirs is the new one even if i deactivate it is not loalst like thw old one, i dont know what thw code is, but i have receipts in my google account for my purchases,
They replied but only to tell me not to reply to that one as they will answer me througj the othet but, theres no other message

If you have Android could also be linked to Google Play games?

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