Help me please :)

These are my only good toons and I need help on making a good team (if possible) Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face: I’m a f2p person

For leader put Princess, followed by Glenn, Solange, McKenzie, and Rosita.

Gabriel is the best toon out there, try to obtain a shield like jesus and put Madison as a lead


why princess lead? she has no lead skill whatsoever

to answer @COOKIES i’d personally run Gabe lead, Solange, Glenn, Princess and Mackenzie

Madison may cover green/blue but she sucks as a defence lead

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F2P and you got Gabe and Mackenzie? Nice one!

Lead: Gabe

I’d just run that for now, until you get some decent yellows to add in. Could be a bit of a pain with the heals and revives in there - not to mention Glenn’s buff.

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