Help me please bug tutorial!


It’s been 24 hours since I no longer have access to my account, following a creation of a new account on another region, the game hangs in the tutorial and reboot at startup without I can go further.
The audience can not find a solution …
I tried several things in vain …
I missed the end of the Horde event, I’m missing the level up faction.

I know we are many in this case.
I’m waiting for a solution, thanks

Contact support in game

I would like, but he reboot at the same not 10 seconds

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely can you assist with the link to customer support for this person

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Hello I had already contacted the support via the link but thank you.

I still have no answer and sincerely I am angry, I will cancel the pass and stop trying to find a solution.

It’s been over 3 years that I play, I did not want to stop, but no one finds a solution or nobody is looking for it.

Thanks anyway. Bye

Hi there,

I contacted assistance but nothing happened.

My game crashed reset and reload all times. Im bugged in the begging tutorial.

I need help please

My account name: V[a]l
Region : Union
Faction : Les baltringues

I can provide others informations if needed


Thanks for help me.



I am in the same situation, can not help me.
Can you give me the procedure to follow?
Thank you


OK now I’m not in tutorial anymore but the game still crash and reload…


did you do a transfer or just start a new region or account lost from cheating practices or just a crash all the time like i am having

I started in New region… Talinda from this forum got the same problem like me.

Go through customer support and open a ticket to get the issue addressed. Forums won’t get the job done.

I try’d, I try assistance in-game… What I can do?

Hey guy,

Please contact support through Scopely’s website: or


Hello, that’s what I’ve done many times unfortunately I’m still stuck it’s been 4 days now
Can you help me please?

@GR.Scopely @LadyGeek

@Talinda - Your issue is currently being looked at by the developer team.

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