Help me out here

So I just Cclaimed Laopo being my first of those half S class toons and my quesion I’d… .what now?Witch charecter should I go for now…

I run a bleed team but I’m gonna make a team with Diego as well with other toons…

So what ya think?


you have a bleed team without raulito.
so raulito would boost that alot


Do you have red velvet cake? How much?

I think you should go for your first Priya, who will go great with Diego.

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Priya is awesome. Love aarav too. I. Working on him next

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I got 1k but always useless charecters I dint have.

Sweet. The next two collectible toons for cake should be Laopo, which you now have, and Raulito. Get Laopo ready, so you can cash in when the collection comes. Use them to get Raulito, then cash when his collection comes. You essentially end up with a Raulito almost for free. He should also work with your bleed setup, so it’s a win-win.


I’m after priya bc I’m closest to getting her 600 tokens away.

Wait, didn’t Raulito have a Red Velvet Cake collection when he was released? Kinda like what Guo has?

Are they doing another one for him?

The Mercer collection is what boosted me towards my first Raulito

They’ve started putting up Sclass and their base forms as premier recruits this week with Priya. All repeat premiers they do now come with cake collections.

In the medium term, it’s inevitable - they have two premier and the new recruit of the week up, and soon no one would give up coins or money for pretty much any non-Sclass. So they will have to put Sclass as the promo, and that should mean cake as well.

We don’t know yet how often they will do them - I could imagine that they will happen every two weeks, but it might be more or less often.

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