Help me!My game crashed and i dodnt get rewards from hallowen whell!

I claim my halloween tokens from war and from whell while i did this my game crashed and i didnt get any reward plese help!!!

plese help me @JB.Scopely
Player: drparadox

My roster after pull crash(i didnt saw what i pulled. only 5* tier 1 lvl 1)

I’m sorry you had a crash and know it must be frustrating. Please open a ticket with the support team and they’ll look into it. JB really can’t fix this.

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Where i can do this?This is it?


change the phones language to english if isnt, it helped me (this game is super bugged).

are you sure you didnt get the characters from the wheel or from the message box?

i had a similar problem when i spent 2200 coins for a 10 pull on Ajax, the main thing i do is always level up my 5* one level so they go before benedicts in the roster so if it happens and crashes i can see who ive pulled.

That said, i know sometimes when it crashes, you do get new characters, and other times you get nothing, so go to to support and on the top right hand corner theres a little envelope or letter, paperclip to start messaging to them.

hope it helps and you get your pulls

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Note you can also reach out support through the web portal:

this and i lock my 5☆, so when i get new ones i just tap sell so all the new ones are highlighted.

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nice idea, i just get fed up of unlocking them when i want them as 6* fodder lol

Thanks i hope i got my tokens asap(or 5*davie instad? xdd) now i wait to respond from support

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