Help me make up my mind please

I do not know who to collect in the museum. I can get one of the three and it is a hard decision who do you guys think I should pick up?

here are all my red and green toons to help for decision. I know I have a lot of green but but most are dupes or shit I have a lot of hard hitting reds and blues so I don’t know if I can find a place for Bryan. Plus I have blue alpha already so idk help am stuck

Princess is a very solid defense toon. If you want a melee defense then definitely go for her. Bryan is better if you want an anti melee attack. It just comes down to personal preference and what you need.

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I’d go princess for sure then set up something like Eugene lead Kal princess koa Shiva

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whats the point now with even less gear we obtain you wont even have him a tier 3 but i think you should pick prinsess

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I’d say it’s all about personal preference,they’re not amazing but you should just go with the one that favors your play style for example i love ranged toons so the decision is clear to me But if you like both types of teams I’d say go for the character that fulfills a certain role in your team(nuker,healer etc),Bryan is great for damage and princess is very good for disruption

Need an offense toon? Go with Bryan.
Need a defense toon? Go with Princess.
Need a drop lead? Go with Rose.
Hotel? Trivago.


Hmm, dunno. What purpose has Princess behind a Koa? It totally nullifies her weapon special.

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I have enough strong and alert gear actually no tough or fast cause that’s most of my roster

I can just replace it with stun on attack she already has 30% def I think so I’m not losing stats

I’ll just go with princess, Bryan looks like a thumb


Just Pick the one you think is cool and a Boss when in doubt.

Right. Takes only around 50 tries. Good luck.

I was going to make a big post about how having Kal and Eugene with Koa might be enough but if you’re dead set on Princess then fuck it I guess.

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Yea. To me it seems Princess is the worst out of these 3. Especially with the cards he already has. Only thing she got, is a unique look.

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