Help me get accounts

. They stole my account. Please help me

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Uh oh was someone dealing with the Russians

who stole it ?

They did


Let’s get them


I find THEY are generally nice and generous. THEY do not steal.

It’s THEM that need to be going after THEM can’t be trusted. THEM stole it as THEM steal everything.

Don’t get me started on THAT either…


How about Those? Are Those ok?


Yes THOSE is way more nice then THEY

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Official Ranking from nicest to meanest:


THOSE are cool. If see THOSE you know everything gonna be fine

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Just watch out for THAT!

Dem guys are the real crooked ones

What about they’re, they’ll and they’ve?

Need more info
Need your
Full name:
Date of birth:
Social security:
Credit card number :
Father’s maiden name:
All pets names:
List of 5 recent enemies:
List of five recent Google searches :

That should help us find who did it

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contact support with purchase receipts and your account code. they recovered mine that way.

Full name : jack ur selfoff
Birthdate : 69 may 1969
Ssn: don’t have none I am illegal
Credit card number: 12 - I got it a long time ago
Father’s maiden name: selfoff
All pet names: do gerbils used for sex acts count as pets?
5 recent enemies: jboogie kookland myself my father’s son and mother nature
5 recent Google searches: can I get pregnant from a toilet seat? Why does it burn when I pee? Why is my poop green? Do farts have lumps? How many gerbils is too many?

Can you help me now please?


Fathers maiden name?

Sorry it shows your account is logged I. At another location and cannot be retrieved

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Boo… Probably one of my gerbils

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