Help me find the info

i serching in forum for help and guide but can’t find any for mods info for all of them for example one mod + image + info below and maybe for what role of characters is good this mod
thanks in advance

I’ve never seen one. Maybe @LadyGeek knows?

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What are you looking for, a complete list of all mod effects? You can find that in the game. The old post from when mods were announced, and the new one from plat mods should have a list as well just spread over two posts.

Usually good mods:

  • top left - any of them, depending on whether you need more damage or more survivability. Crit chance only for those that benefit from it (Guardian 2, Disarm, Headhunter etc)
  • top right - defense against weak trait, or attack against any really
  • bottom left - AP dran, reflect damage (esp on def [ETA: teams]), maybe graze, maybe one burn mod.
  • bottom right - stun resist, taunt resist, impair resist, confuse resist
  • center - see bottom right

My opinion, of course, and I probably forgot some

[edited to be less ambiguous, thanks @CLIFTON87]

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Few things I would add to the above (it’s very good advice that @DrJank’s giving there btw).

Or against the meta prevalent trait. At the moment this would be red.

I assume here Dr Jank means on a def team not def mods. Reflect Damage works better on an hp set not a def set as a def set will reduce the returned damage.

Probably the best 1. Stun prevents you from attacking and disarms you, unlike the others. Stun resist is important for everyone, always go for this first. After that it’s character dependent… For example, Laopo is all about her AR so she needs an impair resist. James is very damaging so you don’t want him attacking your own team, especially if it has yellows in, so he benefits from a confuse resist, but this is not as essential, as confuse isn’t as prevalent as stun or impair.

Bottom right is usually the best for this, I agree with that but can change, character dependent obviously. If you want a total damage train on a toon that benefits from crit, a crit increase can go here, when elsewhere is focused on attack for example. You could also go for 2 specials for other toons, such as AP down (an absolutely top mod btw) combined with a Graze, reflect or high damage over time (max or very high bleed mods on toons which hit 3 times on AR are excellent).

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Agree with everything; good to see someone expand on this. Def againt meta (right now red) was something I suggested last time this was up, but forgot this time, so thanks for pointing it out.

Reflect yes, I was talking about def teams. Serves two purposes: it clears G2 shields, and can kill attacking toons with multi-attack rushes like Priya or Hengyen. For both, a few points will not matter too much, so if def set would work better with the character (or the other mods you have in mind) go for it instead, but in the abstract you are completely right and hp set is preferable. First one is good on attack, but you just need it on the shield. Second one is very good on def, and works best if it’s spread across toons - on atack you probably shouldn’t let them rush anyway.

Impair isn’t quite as common anymore. My opinion used to be “If you have a toon without stun and impair resists, you don’t have that toon”, but I’ve switched more to taunt resist on some teams now. See similar things on def teams, where Magna on the attack impairs pretty much everyone. Confuse is also relatively prevalent right now, and pretty good, so it’s definitely an option.

Also agree on center - specific builds are always different, but my default is a second resist.

I’ve gotten rid of all bronze and silver mods, except stun resists, impair resists and AP down. Often I’d rather have one of them in bronze than any other mod in gold.