Help me Figure out my Diego Attack Team?

So, I’ve posted here a couple times… I’m on a new region, a bit limited in overall options, but only competing against toons since February.

I’m a majority F2P/low-spender. I’ve gotten really lucky recent, and have a LOT of toons to choose from to level up. My team has been pretty solid no lie, where I’ve been running: Diego, green cutthroat Shiva, Violet, Viktor, Decap Tyreese. All of the greens with stun weapons that I’ve made. I’ve recently switched out Shiva for the heal debuff Hershel. P much all are promoted to lvl 10 or close.

This team has been able to beat everyone on my region 100% of the time, except for 1 person. That 1 person runs: Donny (stun D), Mia (stun D), Jesus, Raven, Zach. I can beat him sometimes, but requires some lucky stuns. Not ideal obviously, so looking to take this a step up. And have a bunch of new toons that should help.

Anyways, with the addition of a BUNCH of new blue/green toons to my roster, I’m trying to figure out what to shoot for, so I’ve cobbled together an image of everyone I have below. (I’ve omitted yellow/red toons, since they don’t match Diego).

In addition to all of these, also just got the green Rick currently available in the season store.

LMK what you think the best Diego attack team out of these toons might be. Appreciate all suggestions, or just general tips, etc.

Diego, tyresse, michonne, dwight and cole for some control

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surprised you like Dwight over a lot of the others… Is he that good? I feel like a lot of people aren’t big fans of him. The 50% attack buff is nice, is that pretty much why?

Versus toons like Julie or Stephanie. I feel like Stephanie offers a tonn of control

Oh also I also got the green Rick currently in season store on top of everyone above, forgot about him.

Then either Cole to keep control or Stephanie to ensure no rushes are made

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Ty just to make sure to have a decap?

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I’d go Diego, Laopo, William (ap down or AD), julie (if you can level, ty if not), Cole

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Interesting, is Laopo really that good? I just pulled him yesterday, but I figured he’d be pretty underwhelming unless the other team has a Doc… is he good even if they’re not using Doc?

Diego back to the museum! :joy::ok_hand:

Yes, she’s perfect to take care of Mia for you with daze and impair

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Diego lead. Laopo. Cole. Blue ty. And prob bruce although cole can disarm - think hes badass of you can hit impair defend on him. Id say Julia but unsure of your comics count.

Laopo and cole together will mop all fast ap gain toons.

Hes ridiculous lol.

She* 7 char

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