Help me create an annoying defense team

I’m pretty bad at team building and I need some help building a defense team. Most of my guys are F2P and therefore trash.

There are lots of good ftp players out there. Join a better faction ■■■■■■■

Sadly not lot you can do here worry more about raid teams than anything. And you only have two toons with lead skills

For raiding

would use
lee with ap down
and get laopo to 6 or use zander with %20 ap and %8 ap on other fast toons. Not the best but will help with teams not full of s class

Angel lead, Christa, Kapoor, Princess is probably the best you can do. Not quite sure about the last spot; Lee if you have a good AP down weapon, Rick is good (especially with Abs Def), Zander worth a consideration if you’re willing to risk it with all the Exhaust running around now.

A annoying team would be like lockdown’s His team is all revive (AR OR ACTIVE) Meaning you would need a stun gun, bleed and lace, or a decap/crosshairs.

or just use 2 sherry’s 4 turn stun on all .-, @DrJank hates mine

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Best way to get through shields (Bonus hp is just a shield) Bleed,burn, trauma, and exhaust.

Due to those Sclass being Tier 1 or 2 you won’t have to worry about top teams with top Sclass in raids, just in war, Onslaught and Arenas, in the case of these 3 there isn’t that much you can do.
I’d go for something similar to what @DrJank said:
Angel-Christa-Kapoor and 2 of Zander, Rick, Princess or Bruce Allen Cooper. You need to get them levelled asap.

What I hated was my Michonne failing to diarm on both turn 1 and 2 lol, the Sherry doesn’t matter, that’s why I left her for last. Fun fight though, hope I can get a rematch some time - with my max S10 grade I don’t get matched to any of you in raids anymore. Raids have become so boring :-/

Whether this works or not depends upon the exact characters used. Quick regenerating revives with heal and/or bonus HP or S-class with a lot of HP and defense to burn through (or both) can make this viable, but I’ve often had success against all revive teams because you can just whittle many of them down to about 1/3rd health then charge up a Priya or Zach type character to begin taking them down en masse.

Timing is critical, and the RNG can be brutal, but these can definitely count as annoying without actually being effective very often. I have far from an elite level team.

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