Help me build a team

If anyone can take a look at my toons and help me make a good attack team. I have some ideas but i would prefer some help on them.

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Erika Cole zeke aris and Lori would prob work for a def
I know someone’s gonna hit me with the waht is that but this man doesn’t have a lot of high level 6* or ascended 6*

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there we go my apologies was on the road when i posted.

I just realized it didn’t send all of them let me fix that

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its fixed now

That’s rough with tht set of leaders… mirabelle, earl for disarm, Jeremiah for his debuff, erika to revive and ty to decap… maybe better than what ya use… what do u use lol

Nah but they asked for attack. :wink:

well for attack i use Mira as lead with aberham, yumiko, ericka, and the lori

im use to doing a control team but that’s not keeping enemies down

Dump abe for sure without question… try team I posted and use ty more

i suppose i can take suggestions for defense as well
i run ericka lead,Yumiko abe,Mira,and then clem


Miraboobs lead. Erika. Blue ty. Cole. Red clem

Or miraboobs. Red clem. Blue ty. Cole. Red lori.


Erika. Cole. Clem. Lee. Rosita

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what mods should i aim for?

i suppose weapons too

The usual … Def sets with defense … Attack with attack … Confuse resist on blue ty tho dont want him trashing his teammates

right now im in the process making a 35 atk,35 crit, double attack blue weapon for either tye or earl

If you have issues vs green or yellows put attack vs green /yellow mod on ty … And use a slot 3 double attack weapon on him if you have it. Use cole always on first move of attacking and hopefully he disarms who you need then build your ars and have at it

Ty you want huge ap attacking and high attack