Help me build a defence with Angel as lead?

Need some help building a defence team as my roster is all over the place and want to see who would fit with Angel

Technically she has a rainbow lead skill - could easily run all your s class toons behind her


Off the top, I’d say put Moira in there, get Hemorrhage on some people and have Angel go off. If any opponents have a remove bleed, they get hit with Trauma. Otherwise, they stay with a bleed that gets worse over time. You got Magna so stick a stun gun on her and add stun to the list of negative effects. Then get someone with confuse/taunt skills to stir up mayhem. When I get to the Alpha/Beta stages of SR, I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate the change. I can’t do anything because everyone’s confused or taunted.

But hey, might work for you.


True, it would be funny to see what happens with that, thanks :blush:

I’ll test it out, Elle can go in there maybe with the taunt, but I’ll experiment and see what fits, thanks mate :slight_smile:

Angel , Lee , Maggie , Elle , Glenn

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Christa, Priya, elle, and Eric. With angel lead.

Give them all impair and sun weapons so people are forced to hit elle and set off her bide.

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Don’t use Lee Maggie or Glenn you need s class stats on your team. Maybe level that magna up and put a stun gun on her. Christa one shots Lee anyway

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U need to focus on maxing Priya Christa and now Angel forget everything else they are going to be your key characters for everything. Also focus on getting an S class raulito you have one already.

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I like the sound of that team, yes I will work on all of this, I’ve tried so many times for stun and impair and still haven’t got one🙄 I’ll keep trying

I think Angel, Magna, Priya, Zander, Christa could work. Possibly swapping Zanders weapon for a good impair on defence weapon to add another negative that can be removed. Also, as well as commanding he has that handy 100% AP boost to a toon if he manages to pop off.

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If you use Pryia and Christa, than Dale’s the choice, not Zander! His def lowering would make those opponents fall like trees in a hurricane, under Christa and Pryia’s fire. :smiley:

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