Help me beat this team!

Dante (stun, huge AP)
2 x Shiva (stun, huge AP)
Disarm Michonne (impair on def, huge AP)
Shield Magna (impair on def, def, HP)

Can’t beat anyone up too much, or they just AR.

Can’t seem to kill Magna before the Shiva/Michonne ARs, which are hard to recover from.

Can’t take yellows to kill Magna. Shivas\Dante shreds them too quickly.

It’s the first team in a while I haven’t been able to think of a decent strategy to work around, so any suggestions would be very welcome.



Red lori has focus which will allow you to ignore the shield and attack whoever you want


You need a char with neutralize. Its the best thing to counter huge bonus to ap when defending

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What is your team?

Mirabele (Lucas), gov, Lori, shiva, shiva. Use focus’ Lori for second turn, stun’s shiva in michone and magna.

Or… Mirabobs, ty, Lori, shiva, gov (shiva).
Use focus from second turn, or stun shield.
Kill using ty.

I alternate between these

And my weps are okay

Also, this team was a huge time suck. Don’t need help with it, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it.


Lmao super whale

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Haven’t seen that one yet but there was a3 shield team that had me Flipping.

Dante lead
Disarm michonne

Super irritating as the shields just rotated around and Dante kept them popping. Had to go Mirabell lead to kill that douche turn 1.

I run a Dante Leader, Disarm Michonne, Disarm Bruce, Command Glenn and Dwight “A New Threat”. If you want to beat these teams you REALLLLLLYYYYYY want a Neutralizer on your team as Dante leadership has AP When Taking Damage.

So when you unload a full clip of 5 people on 1 person then odds are that person you just finger blasted will pop an AR off if you didn’t kill them and that is where the neutralizer comes in. You also want 2 other people in your team to have some sort of team disrupt actives. For me I use Dwights Impair for 2 turns and Bruces -20 AP to 2 people to either stop or stagger enemy AR’s.

If the enemy team has stun weapons then confuse active is nice too as you can potentially CC 2 people.

Usually with that setup I can win. Hope that information helped.

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If only it applies to all teammates

Ascend a connor and put abs def. It will work wonders for you.

If u must use that lineup though… sadly u need better weapon upgrades. Also if you have sf zeke you can attack magna turn 1, stun with shiva turn 2 and remove impair with zeke, and see where it goes from there.

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