Help making a good roster


These are all my 5-6*. The current group I have is the first image. It’s a good group, I can go against 20k-30k rep people in my region and I have around 13k only. I just wanna know if there’s better setups. Raids, farming, assault, etc. Just the most efficient group you can come up with.
If you have weapon/mods setups, I would really appreciate too. I have A TON of mods and weapons but I don’t really know what to do upgrade/use.

I’m OG, even it doesn’t look like it. I actually had another account that got lost when I switched phones ~4 years ago and then I stopped playing the game for about 6 months. When I came back, had no idea what to do and I’ve been trying to “survive” ever since. Also, my region isn’t very good if you’re trying to go for the best rewards since there’s a huge difference between the 1st and the rest of the other factions and assaults are filled with 30k+ rep people who just shred me.

Also, I know most of you can’t understand the language, it’s Portuguese. I prefer English for games, but I don’t wanna change my device’s language just for 1 game, so… Any question just ask.


Carl Zake Connor Rick lori for me its best team


mirabelle, kenny, lori, andrea, yumiko/abraham/lee (first to replace)