Help Making A Better Team

I need help building a better team. Pls help. I’m also thinking of adding the holiday login collection Solange. Who do you guys think I should add? What kind of weapons and mods should I give to my characters?

I’d definitely buy the red Sandy from leagues

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Offense or defense team? Also it would be nice to post the rest of your roster in case you are hiding better toons.

I’m honestly not sure whether it should be offense or defense, since I’m not sure what would be better.

Try getting sandy or naya from league store. Could you send ss of your roster with any other characters



IDefinitely get that Maggie ascended. Her 2 turn taunt to 2 and indomitable are pretty good behind Carl. If you can get some good defense mods with a defense set on her, she can be a pain. Solange is solid. She heals, gives bonus def and revives. Here is a pic of what i’d do on Maggie for defense:

For defense, try to use trait mods that cover that characters weakness. So Maggie, I’d add def vs strong. Carl, I’d add def vs alert… etc. I would also consider getting Knox from collection event. Carl, Maggie, sandy, solange and Knox would be a decent def team.

Ok thanks

swap out that def crit set mod for that level 15 atk def set mod. it will get you a bonus of 5x def set mod boost and take that anemic 1347 atk up to 1952. the set bump may not be the full 425, but like you said, with indom and possible ad weapon, the bonus atk would help out.