Help Make Today A Constructive Event!

So today’s Skullgate showed us that folks had fun.

What if Scopely designed an event out of this? I need actual gamers’ help to flush out what I’m thinking, akin to that regional Lori’s Shears event a while ago (though way shorter).

Basically it might be a cross- region scavenger hunt with a capture the flag premise.

Each region would be issued one flag, to place within a faction of its choosing. You could strategize with your other teams whether to place it within your #1 fac or bury it lower down.
To win it, you’d need to visit other regions (Reward Tier 5). You’d get some lower reward for every region you visit, then improved rewards for every faction you enter (Reward Tier 4) AND for the home faction, every visitor you allow in (Reward Tier 3).
Then an obviously next tier reward for actually finding a region’s flag (Reward Tier 2), which you then win, then bring home and stash in a faction in your region, where it can then be stolen by another region, and on & on till time runs out. The number of flags your region ends up with gives you Reward Tier 1 (probably a wheel pull for every flag).

I’m thinking a successful raid wins you the flag, making players have to coordinate - I might FIND a flag, but would need to get a stronger faction to actually come over & win it.
Plus, if a region tries to stash all their flags with the #1 team (think EG or AP) that’s fine, but when they lose they’d lose ALL the flags stashed within that faction, making teamwork or spreading them amongst teams possibly the better play. Small tight-knit regions who get along have an edge, though larger regions have more folks to scout, so neither type have a 100% advantage.

Less active players or teams could opt to just go Tier 1, visit some regions and get the lower tier prizes and grind them out. Social folks can thrive by being invited in to a bunch of other facs more easily, while the strongest players have the biggest edge in gaining the flags, so there’s a reason for everyone to participate.

Obviously Scope will need to be able to monetize it somehow, and I def haven’t thought this through, so might be total crap. But seeing everyone bouncing around, working together across and within regions having fun makes me think there’s some kind of event in today.

Thoughts? Better ideas? Go nuts!


My thoughts are keep dreaming haha

I’d come back for this

That’s the starting of an awesome idea! like it… you could maybe have time limit when the flag is discovered so everyone has to dog pile onto the faction where it’s hidden and say - defeat all their defenses or sometime before you can claim the flag


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Bad idea.

The (alleged) rationale behind the Where There’s Smoke changes was to prevent people inflating servers with thousands of low level, mostly inactive accounts. Whilst that was probably mostly horse shit to cover the loss of income, it probaly had an element of truth. Just imagine the entire playerbase playing in every single region and how much that would inflate the game data scopley need to deal with.

it sounds fun though! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the various systems in place like closing a faction, severs having to support a bunch of tiny accounts, to you presumably having to transfer to take your flags around kinda bog everything down to just being way too unwieldy.
Buuuuut, I like the general idea. Maybe stick to 1 local region with 1 flag to each faction with no one getting a ceasefire so long as they hold a flag?

Me: Posts anything with the word fl@g


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I like events the way they are now if I want to win it I just throw some of my money at it like I do to strippers.

Sooooo you aren’t winning then.

Spoken like a broke person that can’t afford to win I just buy out whatever I want.

Nope, spoken like a person who doesn’t spend money because they can win another way. If you have to pay money to win, you aren’t winning.

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