Help make something special. Recruitment


We are looking for new active members for our faction.
Especially those who play later on in the day in America.

Single player, group or even a faction to come together with.
We are a very organised faction that runs 2 active factions.
Can and have done 3…although 3rd would be for newer players to grow and part timers.
Have a totally fair and visible way of moving members between factions.
Equality, Honesty and Respect are things we pride ourselves on.
Have run 2-3 factions for 2years and have pretty much perfected the system.
Leadership and Leadership roles can be discussed as would be happ to have more help and input. (Especially If merge)

Really want to make something great with like minded active players.
We do finish top 6 in a very healthy region.
Aiming for top 3.
Activity is most important.
Have space for players at all levels and will help guide.
Would love to have a member or 2 that like to help players with tips/teams etc…

We use Line to organise between factions.
Please contact me for more information on any and all things mentioned.

Line ID Rob7274


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No thanks, Not for me


I’d prefer reply’s if interested party’s not rejections but thanks for the bump I guess.

I believe this offer will benefit members looking for a new home.
Please consider and ask for more details.