Help! Locked out, MESH 10000 error [RESOLVED]

I’ve just been locked out of the game with the Mesh: 10000 error. I just completed stage 1 of the blue keys roadmap when it happened.

@JB.scopely @GR.scopely


Yep my entire faction is the same. Game won’t load past loading screen.

Big pile of walkers in the servers @JB.Scopely

Same problem can’t get in

Same issue with a couple in my fac and me

Same problem

Same for me and fac mates

Error 504 came up, that is Gateway Timed Out. Servers crashed :rofl:

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Stuck on loading screen 0%

Walking dead app is not working and will not load had no problems an hour ago and now won’t load

Anybody else locked out today. App was working fine an hour ago and now it’s not loading.


Not loading for me either. And it’s definitely not my wifi connection that’s messed. Please fix quick, Scopely

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Ffs, new event, same log in issues

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It’s not my wifi either my Facebook account is working

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Massive reports of non loading game across multiple countries…

Scopely fix please…

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Nope not loading here either

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Mesh error reports coming in from all around as well

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Guess there are walkers in the servers again.

Multiple error codes.

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Yea i cant get in either and it was working fine back at the start of the event

Can’t go one week without ■■■■■■■ something up.

One. Week.

Not loading for me either but other internet stuff is fine