Help ! Kal vs Beta

Hello guys just wanna ask, which one is better for raids ?

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  • Kal
  • Beta

Kal, for these reasons:
Faster rush
Better weapon
Better rush: he could kill, but impair to 3 + -20 ap looks better
Slight better Acrive skill: he can impair 2 and at the same time gain ap.


Your poll is broken…

Kal is better, tho id like beta to put behind michelle just cause the whispers.

Kal has much higher attack and hp, put defense set on him and he will last in a fight really well. As the person before me said, faster rush and better rush, better weapon, imo betas active skill is better tho with ap drain as this cant be resisted like impair from kal. Beta is more single targetap drain and giving a teammate full ap, still think kal is better

  • Fast Beta
  • Fast Kal

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There you go fixed it for ya :wink:


Kal for control definitely. I played around with beta a little and really made good use of that 100% ap gain. But, kal can control rushes really well.

Kal for the reasons above

Kal because of the reasons above + he has a cool hat + weapon (impair city)

Could he be useful in a defense like here ?

I would put 8% on lydia, 8% on andrea, and 8% on nik, 20 % weapon on regina and maybe 8% on yellow kal if u bought him


Yes he can, he has hp and impair when being attacked on his weapon, he needs a full defense set tho, his defense is very low but he could be nice on defense for some control, imo better than hunter

Kal because Beta is not a nice person

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Beta is one toon I use a lot. Kal looks to be better and I will grab him from the season store at some point, but I don’t have the gear to make him remotely useful…

So you would recommend KAl ?

It depends. Beta gives teammates a boost while also impairing one enemy. Kal impairs more than one enemy. So it depends on the strategy you want to use.

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What about going with beta and kal for a try ?

Lydia - Regina maim - Andrea shield with absolute defense - beta and kal xD as both beta and KAL and hit with their rush

Beta could neutralize and gain ap - kal 66ap rusher neutralizer and impair as well

I personally like yellow beta better because of his AR. AP drain can’t be resisted like impair can.

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But KALs AP drain is better I guess as he drain 3 enemies ? And is faster than beta, as well hit little harder ? Hmm

I may be biased, but I find beta has better crowd control. Kal May drop 3 toon, but they’re all maxed out again on the next turn. Beta drops one, and then the next turn can drop someone back to zero, so there’s less worry there.

I find 4-star Mariana works pretty well also, especially in combination with a taunt or another AP down toon. Stun 2 for two and -40 defense.