Help if possible



@JB.Scopely . Im too new so i cant msg you directly. My brother got a hold of my phone and sold all of my toons i had. Ive spend a lot of money and would hate to see it all go down the drain. If ther is anything you can do please help me. Thankz


Wish it was that simple lol


I’m gonna be real with you chief,you have to kill him.


Yeah if i cant get any help ill probably be done with the game. I still have the weapons and what not but thats a lot of good toons down the drain.


Welcome to the i got mad and rage quit club … oops I mean someone hacked my game and sold my stuff club … oops I mean my brother/husband/wife/boss sold my toons club


Honestly if your husband/wife did that you need to divorce them.


Another rage quitter thread. Getting tired of seeing these. Message jb directly or scopely support.


Shouldn’t have spent money on pixels. Your brother did you a favor. Hard lesson to learn.




Sucks, but your broski probably did you a long term solid.

Forgive him and enjoy the sunlight. You’re one of the lucky ones.


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