HELP! I need your opinions


Hey! Guys, what do y’all think about this roster?
I am f2p and I am playing since last year


for one year you didnt achieve much though to be honest. i play from february mostly f2p sometimes buy those cheap offers.


You have the start of a couple of good teams, just missing a few key ftp toons to bring bit together (e.g. carl)

I would ascend zeke next then garrett

Ranged def: Lee lead, yumi, rosita, zeke with a crit weapon and Shiva until they can be replaced

Mixed def: garret lead, rosita, Shiva, Anna, zeke

attack: Connor lead, Anna, zeke, Shiva, 5* Javier for his buff hoping zeke with Connors crit lead will keep him up long enough.

If they are still on and you can afford it I would seriously consider the Carl and mirabelle offers - they would give u an instant boost, e.g.

Melee: Carl lead, Shiva, Anna, zeke, (joshua until you get a shield or revive)

Ranged: Mira lead, rosita, Lee, yumi, zeke


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