Help getting account back

I hade an account linked to Facebook and I was having trouble with my phone so I did a factory reset on it.
When I redownloaded the game and went to sign into Facebook that’s linked to my account I was locked out of my Facebook account because of suspensive behavior. Now I can’t login in I sent them everything The in-game name the level the region recipes everything besides the account code because I didn’t think I would ever need it is it possible to get it back. I also have my Google Play/Play Games account linked to it also

You waiting for answer from support or got a bad answer.

I’m waiting for an answer. I just need to know what to expect. Since I don’t have the account code to the account I’m trying to get back

Then sorry you just have to wait.
Ever bought anything in the game they find you.

Unlock you facebook

I can’t it’s disabled I have to wait and see if Facebook will unlock it with all the info I sent them

Well like mentioned if you ever bought anything and didnt use VK or anything of sort just try to wait and hope it wont take weeks, gl!

Yeah thanks I might be screwed than Since I used Google Play gift card to buy things but here’s to hoping

gift card is as good as money so should work

Ok thanks just hope they at least respond within 24hrs with something

If you sent the info support said to along with a ss of a receipt they will help you get it back. Also if you bought that account from someone they’ll tell you that the location of the account on your device doesn’t match the location of the account you’re trying to recover and then they won’t help you

This is why I wish we could link our accounts to Google Play accounts or whatever iTunes has because I know some games let you link your Google play account and play using that account on more than one device as long as both are Android

I made that account at my house so I should be good with that part thanks for all the info all I need now is to wait and hope it doesn’t take long

I got it back thank you all for helping me stay calm and not worry about my account


Had the same thing happen to me twice its not the game its a new security thing by facebook.
I sent facebook pics of my passport and id confirming it was me…for a second time as well as a strongly worded letter as to how it could happen a second time and i had access to my facebook within 3days.

Yeah I hate the new security they have but I can see why they have it