HELP! Game not loading STILL locked out

This is a joke done the update and still can’t acess my game missing out of war loosing my streak probably Gunna get demoted from leagues and nobody around to help

@GR.Scopely can you please help him?

(He was active 5 minutes ago. )
@Zrawtony try sending him a private message with your account code, region & faction?

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Thank you and I will try that but I doubt he will get back to me kind of frustrating this has been going on since last night was hoping by the time I woke up it would be okay but still just doing the same for me :frowning:

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Exactly the same as me man! I have tried everything but I am locked out are you android or IOS?

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iOS myself buddy did the update didn’t help one bit tried uninstalling re installing all that stuff and nothing seemed to of changed

I can’t blame you! I hope he (or @Shawn.Scopely or @JB.Scopely) help ASAP.

Just know I’ve seen a bunch of other folks still locked out in past couple of hours too - I know it doesn’t get ya back into the game, but know you’re not alone!

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i can not still play the game and many faction mates to can not play now and please i am sorry for the language here but this is bull shit and we are always paying to much money for this and we have stopped paying as a faction group in support of the playersunited effort but the money we have spent before is just for nothing if you have no response to the issues at hand and this is just all bull shit in the way of your response :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: i am very upset to say this but you have a deep need now to do better to save a game that we are all enjoying before you just fuck it up :rage:


Also @TayTron @ForumAdmin & @Hedge… these guys above all need somebody to help them, please.


@LadyGeek do you by any chance know anything that could help us who’s affected

It is weekend, there are surely no coders sitting in their office at this time. Not really new that during weekends you won’t get any help or even a helpful advice from our oh so busy CMs. :joy: People already tried to späm their cake loving Line chat group?

If you’re a multi-million dollar company one day after a player revolt when your premier game module breaks down affecting half your game’s players, THEN the fix you make glitches out MORE people who had been fine previously??

Um, yeah, you make folks work the weekend until it’s fixed and give them a comp day.


they are just doing bull shit now and i am very upset of this because i think i was being made a fool for so long and the faction group and other friends to and just feeling the same


Just can’t see how an update that is meant to fix an issue for some people creates another one for people who wasn’t affected … mentioned it straight after they did a post and still haven’t appeared

We have five still locked out

Ive been locked out more than12 hours too from my account. Im on Android and tried everything.

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I have tried everything uninstalling. Logging in on a different phone. Updating. Turning phones off and on. slept on it and now I’m out of ideas

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Enjoy your weekend off this war sucks even the players that war stil have glitches

Not sure how to create a poll if anybody is able to can they create one to see who’s affected on Android and iOS will give us a better idea

Happens quite often when you don’t test your code properly in the right environment i.e. game. When you work as web developer and have to come up with a quick fix for something to satisfy your customers then this can occur pretty often. But yeah you would expect something different from a company that made over 100 mil from their mobile games.

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You know what else I have noticed am not even getting game notifications now even whilst am locked out