Help for **Whom to Ascend**

I have these 5 star characters who can be ascended but i want your help to ascend only one -

       1. Shiva
       2. Abraham (Blue)
       3. Maggie (Yellow) 
       4. Barker (Yellow)
       5. Negan (Yellow)

  My team is          Six Star Carl (lead),
                            Six Star Tyresse ,
                            Sawyer (Fast) ,
                            Ezekiel (80%Atk,40%Def)  

 I wanted to remove Sawyer and put the six star    

Which one do you guys suggest?

Shiva 100% purely based off the active skill she will help you out a ton :slight_smile:

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Thx for Fast reply I am also thinking about shiva But i awill wait and see others opinion

is my defence team nice

I don’t really suggest using range with a melee lead but depending on how old your region is not bad and sadly nobody’s def is good anymore :confused:


As you can tell I loved shiva enough to T4 her (;

One more question but not about this topic
i have 2 scavenger camps but if i keep a team in camp 1 for 100,000XP
Can i do the same mission in camp 2

No sadly :confused:

I loved your characters

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Thank you :slight_smile:

which region are u from

Dallas how about yourself :slight_smile:

If anyone tells you anything other than Shiva, they’re a damn liar or don’t know what they are talking about.


U basically have them in the right order to ascend 1-5 but for ur team swap 2 and 3 round maggie will fit in after shiva

thx guys

I am from lanier

Shiva without a doubt. She’s awesome. T2 Stun. Takes a human shield out or shuts down anyone who’s about to rush. She hits hard and her rush is fantastic as well.

You will not regret it.

thanks @IronandWine

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Shiva, then followed closely with Maggie. Maggie under Carl is a tank. Shiva is the best option but Maggie is a close second. She is on my melee team with Shiva, Carl, Zeik, and I rotate in other melee like Sandy, Conor, Viktor, Glenn and Rick.