Help for the event please

from/how to get m , s , b , h and d

Arenas, which is nice and easy now we’re on the champions arena (sarcasm).

Or get your wallet out


It’s very well thought out, isn’t it.

And obvious the person in charge of creating the missions plays the game and also speaks to the person in charge of designing arenas so they don’t miss the fact that champions arena is on for 48 hours or so (as well as the 2 he league stretch end) where the access is seriously restricted.

Slow clap for scopely in this one.

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S is survival road.

But you need two

mileS behind uS

Thanks for crushing my dreams! (hadn’t noticed that :see_no_evil:)

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Normally have to pay for B.D.S.M or have a willing partner… not sure on H tho


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