Help for Team con Mercer?

Hi, recently I just got Mercer S out and I want to have a defensive team with him, any ideas?

peopol are a litle slow now cuz war is going on…

And I cant help you much there lmfao

Some useful tips for him

  • Don’t level his AS in order to create a solid turn 1 offensive defense
  • Start to work right now in a 20% AP weapon for him
    For mods do the basic attack set with stun resist, attack points, AP drain, you know
  • For his team members in defense, use Doctor Stevens, Maggie/Rick or even both of them with 8% AP weapon and Aarav if you have him and with a AP bonus weapon as well.

This is the final result.
If your enemy got tricked in the stun at the start of the fight he will be dead for sure with the coming damage barrage. If you follow all the steps all the three offensive toons will be ready to rush in one turn.


Definately put Princess behind Mercer.

Mercer gives a defense buff as his leader skill, Princess gets attack buffs when she hits so she can naturally make up for the lack of an offensive leader skill.

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A little correction: mercer gives huge AP when taking damage and Princess increases her attack when she is hit.

Agree that a Princess behind Mercer is a pain. If you don’t go the T1 rush defense (where AP weapons are needed), make sure to build on the Christmas combo with Mercer and Princess


I really hate coming up against this team

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Well, I guess you (like me, btw) lack the one essential toon to counter that T1 defense…

:notes: Heeeey, Carrie Anne, what’s your game, now? Can amybody play? :notes:

In fact yes, i do lack her. Always kinda ignored her actually…

She’s an improved version of Raven - doesn’t need to use active to make the team elusive…

She’s absolutely great against T1 rush defenses. Absolutely useless against anything else… well, that is maybe a bit too harsh. Equipped with a stun/heal 15/35 sword she is somewhat useful still, but killing a heavily fortified defense with her as lead is just as hard as killing a T1 rush team with an aggressive line up.