Help for defense - now it’s Lydia team

Hello guys,

I have Lydia team atm.

See the pictures, but I’m loosing points to green/yellow attack teams, because of the trait advantage ofc, I’m thinking maybe FAST Kal will help, or melt like butter ?

Anyway I was thinking a little Eric lead defense ? Can you Help me

Put in Yvette instead of Aris

You can also make a frustrating revive loop team by putting in Eric instead of Regina.

Alternatively put a command in that spot and give Yvette an 8% AP weapon. You should probably give that weapon to Yvette anyway and give her stun resist mods

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I have finally some toons I can play with, and I like it.

I could make Eric lead or make Lydia lead, even make red sandy lead or Green Carl lead…

So guys what do you think? Hmm

I really really appreciate help and ideas! Thank you

Defended a nice raid with this team

Just a suggestion try league sandy or Red ezek as a lead because they are rainbow leaders and most will attack with a blues team because of it, this only works in war for short time til they no ur setup so have more than one def team.

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Have an offense idea for u. Michelle, Andrea, Wayland, Louis, Sandy

For attack right ? Could work, and mabye instead of Andrea - then Jeremiah debuffer with -70 DEF to 3 enemies… Easy kill for wayland and sandy…

You would use Yvette as healer with Lydia?

Definitely, heal over 3 turns is a nightmare, especially behind a shield.

So I should once more again try to make an Absolute Defense for her, and mod her with DEF mods + HP - STUN resist, and ofc. defend agaist green…

Lydia - Yvette - Regina - Douglas - Andrea Shield for a try


Lydia - Yvette - Regina - Erik - Andrea

Lydia - Yvette - Regina - Beta - Andrea

Lydia - Yvette - Regina - KAL - Andrea

I also have KAL the FAST one from store, but maybe he will melt like butter against green?

Green Defend Eric Lead:

Eric - Solange - Connie - KAL Guardian II - Regina

Eric - Solange - KAL Guardian II - Regina - Douglas Guardian II

Eric - Solange - KAL Guardian - Regina - Carl

Can also make Carl lead teams’

I have also Aris, she could be good with an Absolute Defense behind a shield I guess

You can go abs 0 OR 8% bonus AP because it will make Lydia rush 1 turn sooner

Lydia - Yvette - Douglas - Eric - Shield for timeout

If you want you can swap in Regina for Yvette or Douglas but I would recommend 2 revives

I didn’t see you have Blue Barker too you could also throw him in for one of those two.

Lydia - Barker - Douglas - Eric - Shield

If you get Guardian Rick put him in any of those teams for Eric.

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Yes I have blue Barker as well, we can hit and neutralize as well…

Do you like him in defense?

Bro take out Regina wtf lol

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And put who instead ?

I’ve seen some good setups with regina in def. Takes the right toons. She’s more a defense toon.

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