Help finding calendar

Hey guys I can’t find the events calendar for this week and after is there 1 available yet

Nope, nothing yet.

Someone posted the leak from vk. Tomorrow is a solo sr.

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Thanks iron

Time to start looking on the sides of milk cartons.

Hoping it will be updated tmrw.

Does anyone know why we are not getting calendar updates? I really miss knowing what the week holds and preparing my faction for upcoming events. Does anyone know if and when it will be updated Also if anyone knows what’s coming up this week and when it would be greatly appreciated thanks guys

They’re off eating pancakes, when they’re finished they will let us know when the next level up is. I can’t wait.


They’re off coming up with more expensive, “deals” with even dumber items that are never worth the investment.

Geee, what would we have done without 2 Burts and a crit consumable items with only 2 Benedicts for 25 dollars! WOOOO! WHAT A DEAL! For 25 bucks you better give me 8 Benedicts and 8 Burts, you price gouging thieves.

Why cant games like this EVER have any good deals with their packages? If they want people to buy more, then make it worth it; JC…

It seems the more expensive, the less worth it they are.

Rant over.

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or they simple assume that we will assume that we will have a SOLO LVL this wednesday and a faction LVL during the weekend with some junk token as reward.

No a single toons for reward since last october!!!

I was out sick!

Just catching up. Updated now. :slight_smile:


Hope you’re feeling better @kalishane. Any idea if the raid milestones got lowered a bit yet?

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Thank you very much Bobbotokes. I am feeling a bit better now!

I haven’t checked in yet but we were discussing different options last time we spoke.

I will keep you posted!


Thank you, hope your feeling better.

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Does the coming Faction SR and Faction LVL up end on 4/1? or 3/31? I’m guessing 4/1 but the Calendar cuts off before April.

Awesome to hear. And any news on raid milestones is most welcome. Thank you. :smiley:

Are there any new events in the pipeline as rise to power has ended


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I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well honey I hope you’re doing better now :slight_smile:

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Is that calender for April it says March on it ?