Help building teams

Hi. I need help building teams for atk, def and for killing walkers. I don’t have that many toons as currently unable to spend money in game and am fairly new to the game. If anyone can help based on what I do have? I get that a some may need a lot of upgrading

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For def use Garrett as the leader ,hunter as the revivaler, Yumiko for neutralize ability ,kay for the confuse ability and Abraham for the quick kill. For atk Eleanor for the leader skill , red sandy for the Decapitation , Morgan for Commando, Kai for the Guardian and shiva to tank For zombie killing team red Carl for leader skill , Eleanor for the heal , Abraham For the splash attack , hunter or kai and Garrett for bonus hp


Yep. What they said.


Can you tell me if it works

My Roster

The grind is real

Glenn and Aris are great together on defense. I don’t have 30% of your toons so not sure but don’t really see a good leader there. Rick does yellow but not sure about several if they boost multiple colors