Help building best defense

Ok so I’ve gotten lucky and pulled some good shit lately and I need some advice on what to run in defense. Here’s 2 slightly different setups:


In 1, have 2 active revives with Yvette to give focus. I’ve went against similar setups and if Yvette pops her ar, it can become a shit show quick. Only downside is that I have no defense buff besides William which won’t go off very often.

In 2, I changed lead to Eric and take out Yvette. Now, I’m adding another revive and a good def buff. But, I’m losing Yvette’s focus which might allow defenses to better control my shields and revives.

Any advice is appreciated… thanks everyone!

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I also wanted to add that I do have Dante and another violet.

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Do you have stun for the greens and abs def or impair for Yvette and Eric?

Yea I have good weapons.

I’m debating on whether or not to try and put stun on Gabe… his weapon just heals so much it’s hard to give that up

dante gabe 2 violet and willian

I did this but don’t know if it’s for the best.

You’re asking for a good defence without posting your roster. You’ve shown some solid toons that should definitely work in a defence team, but without knowing your options there’s just not much advice to give.

He wants advice for the options he has given. Only clueless players post their whole roster. He doesn’t want you sticking a red Mira in his melee defense.

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I guess you could try them killa since we are in the same faction lol

LOL! I’ll try them out. I didn’t realize you pulled Gabe! Both good teams, don’t know if I can beat either haha.

My advice is to run them both as friendly and main defences, watch war log for any defends you get and gather feedback from factionmates.

We can’t see his mods and we can only guess his weapons. Seems to me it’s only a bragging post in regards to the lucky pulls if you ask me. Cuz on paper both teams should work. And I assume he knows that.

Put 4 or 5 players with revive and defence skill and nobody will beat you, trust me. Who ever allowed more the 2 players with revive skill in one team doesn’t have the higher I.Q.

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