Help building a team

Need help building a good team. Here’s what I got! Thank you so much!

Not doable with those characters

Lee lead

All the other range you have.

Sorry as good as you got.

Here’s the other row if that helps too

You got any ascendables?

Lester 4 the win

Defense: Carl, Zeke, Maggie, Garrett, Negan

Offense: Mira, Kenny, Yumiko, Lee, Rosita…

Quite the limited roster… but should be atleast semi-successful depending on region/rank

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lee,lee,kenny,mirabelle,rosita for attack
mirabelle,lee,lee,rosita,kenny for def

Thanks for all the help! Found out the defense carl Zeke Maggie garrett megan worked the best for what I got. Casual player never get any the good characters on pulls lol