Help building a new team


What are your other options?


all the 6s and 5s i have

i would drop tyrese for shield mischone…is mira only 6s leader i take it?

or keep tyrese drop maggie for kay drop negan for confuse kenny

need like minded toons…lots of taunts or lots of confuse…how are your weapons?

Depends on your weapons like @kirkplow said. Do you have any good special stat weapons(absolute, stun, ect)?

With 3 melee toons in your defence and melee leader might be better. Personally im not sure if clementine works well or not being a 5*

id say no to clem

No stun but absolute def

I’d probably do Mira lead, tyreese, michonne shield with absolute, kay, and either romanov or guardian zeke with a high crit+ bonus crit weapon.

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And for tower team I’d do clem lead, negan, sr zeke, maggie, and the other michonne shield with absolute defense.

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Probably the best options for now. Definitely worth trying :+1:

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Thank you!

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Seriously, no way you’ll defend one attack with that roster. Just go for a high def/hp team to get your 4 attacks in. Oh and a AD michone will grant you maybe a round per attack. Better: put negan with ad in. He could do his last man standing thing for a few rounds.

For main team I’d go with Clementine lead (crit rush to help Ezekiels guardian.) with Maggie, Zeik, Michonne with AD & survival road Ezekiel.

Clem is a poor mans Carl lead but will make Shield Michonne & Maggie a bitch to deal with.

Negan just a punching bag, just because he’s got 6 stars next to his name doesn’t make him useful…

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No problem. Good luck and I hope you get a Carl or Shiva from 5 star tokens soon they would both be a huge help.