HELP account continue restart. Help me



Hello. I ask for help my account from last night continues to restart I tried to delete and install new twd rts but nothing. continue as soon as I log in to reboot the infinto
please help me




I’m having the same problem as well after uninstalling and reinstalling to see if the notification problem I had would be resolved; but ended up having this problem, and I sent tickets to both directly on the scopely website and in game under the new account. Right now my old account is in the 30 day coin pass and would be great if I can recover it asap and I still want that anniversary tokens to be collected.


I have an account of almost 600k prestige (prestige 12) I have spent and I’m spending a lot of money. and after moving in, having an account that always reboots is frustrating.


I know that feeling, but I got rebooted once and everytime I reinstall the game it just keeps bringing me back to that new account and it’s frustrating


no one deigned to answer, after 48 hours no answer, jb after the tag did not even talk to me. customer service sucks you have taken my money for a total of 550,000 prestige and not even an answer to this problem that does not let me in !! scopely and non-existent customer service sucks



Good luck. Support refused to return my account after giving them tons of proof I’m the owner.
They won’t help you.


Did you not argue with them?


Like twice I did but just gave up because they weren’t really reading what i wrote and just giving cut and paste responses


Well if you spent money on it just keep trying, right now I’m stuck with that new data with only 1 region and nothing else


Bought the pass a few times. No big purchases.
I did give the receipts a few times to support, but they said it didn’t match any accounts which doesn’t make any god damn sense.


Do you have an active faction to ask your members to get you a screenshot of the account you are most active in? It might help I think.


No. I wasn’t in a faction.


Well that’s gonna be crap. Try contacting them again though, keep trying and good luck to you :slight_smile:


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