Help about scavery AD


Can I up AD of lendary with scavery of AD?


i assume you are asking that if you can level up Adrealine Rush of a legendary by sending him to scavenger missions that rewards AR level ups. Answer is yes, but send the legendary with AR full toons along.


Are u asking if you can use Scavenger Missions to upgrade the Adrenaline Rush of Legendarys? the answer i have heard is Yes.


All answers above me are true. You can level up Adrenaline Rush using scavenger mission (I tried it myself). However, the adrenaline rush level up is given to random character which has not maxed AR level. So send 1 specific unleveled AR toon along with any toons with maxed AR level :+1:


Yes it is possible.


i call your bid and raise it :rofl:

it can be done with even 2 toons 1 maxed and 1 that needs AR with Territory bonus.


thank so much :+1: