Hello The Dirty 30 in Candler

Hello this is Matthew, i am a Constable in the faction. I am letting you guys know my screen is broke on my phone so i am unable to access Line and TWD RTS game. If you guys feel the need to boot me before the faction event this weekend, i completely understand as i do not know when my phone will be repaired.

Hopefully Someone in The Dirty 30 in the region Candler sees this and let our fearless leader Malinda know my situation.

D30 in etowah is better

How many dirty 30s are there? :open_mouth:

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30 if no one has been booted in the past 2 days.

Put something in the regions global chat for ya bud!

Wish ya luck on getting that phone fixed, if they do boot ya hope you get back in. If youre on a pc, you can use bluestacks and get line and log into your account and message them btw

Thank you Pernix. Hopefully my phone is repaired for the weekend.

Nah mate using Microsoft edge on my Xbox at the moment. :frowning:

Ouch lol sorry man wish you the best tho

Thank you.

We are both d30 in different regions, why brag when we can be chill and make d30 the best faction in the game. :wink: