Hello Scopely folks

If you’re interested in keeping players and keeping this game moving, I suggest changes. For one, I think you should give all a single 40 pull every week. And this “wheel” should include only ascended or ascendable toons. In other words, make your pull, get a decent toon.

Your present structure of 2 and 3 day long events where high performers MIGHT get enough to have a tiny chance at a good toon just isn’t doing it. Not for me anyway.

The wheel I suggest would have to include decent toons but not ones the whales are spending for. Or perhaps, if you put 30 toons in the wheel, with equal chances for all, maybe one or two at any time would be high end toons.

Just a thought. I’d like to see the game continue but I’m having a hard time with motivation for the way the game is currently structured.

Look at what happened when people were taking advantage of the skull tokens… joy, fun, activity.

Try my idea for perhaps two months. If it doesn’t cause an uptick in activity and your income, drop it.


Wow…any chance of a new car in that too…mines fked.


I disagree free 40 pulls are the best way to achieve the same level of fun you’re alluding too. The best solution is an event like first anniversary where you had a e.g 6* wheel, that you could earn token drops in raids, roadmaps, territories and make as many pulls as you wished depending on how much work you put in


so you are just wanting free things ok :upside_down_face:


What a poorly thought out idea lol


Free stuff? Sign me up

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lol… it’s just a thought. Perhaps those of you who disagree, have noticed the drop in activity as players stop playing because of not getting anywhere after days long events?

What’s your idea to kick start activity here? If you want a whales only game, we’re on the way to that now.

We may be past the point where that would work. I’m suggesting a way to keep f2p in the game so there might be enough players to keep whales happy.

We’ve been “on that way” for like 3 years now. It’s a pay-or-grind game.

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well, true enough. lol

Except that grinding is pretty much obsolete too. In my opinion.

if they did a thing like you are saying of free spins for character cards then the players will just be complaining that the character cards are not as good as premier cards


Why? It encourages more activity and is more in-line with what Skullgate was, rather than just a handout

I made a comment like this but rather it was turning either 4 or 8 of whatever “useless” 6*s you have into a pull from a special wheel with newer toons that are actually relevant.

I am not worried about “free” but an exchange system where all my old “work” and “grinding” could actually mean something NOW. I refuse to spend money on scratch tickets for toons. Clearly they do not know how to make events for everyone and only the wallet warriors. Some of the past events I have enjoyed but this isn’t one of those.

This game is bordering not worth my time and it has not been fun for awhile. They do not seem to care, which is fine, but learning from mistakes is not just key for any PERSON but COMPANIES as well so they stay in business.

I wish Kirkman would take the license from them. They abuse it and do not deserve it. Really it is now like AMC’s show…stop beating the dead horse.


It’s possible. But the game is not doing well as it is now.

I’m losing track of the comments. lol. To be clear, I think the game is now in the emergency room. My suggestion, or a variation of it, would be intended to keep and remotivate players now. Perhaps they could do it every two weeks. Or maybe for a month, every three months. Who knows?

Hoping to get some thoughts turning over at Scopely.

My suggestion is NOT intended to make f2p competitive with whales. The idea is to restart some fun for f2p.

players are saying things like this for 3 years plus :rofl:

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How about you get SC and 30 pulls a month. lol…sorry realy bad idea there.

Grinding isn’t and can’t ever be obsolete. I’ve managed to put together a pretty solid roster by grinding my way through the game. Does it suck to not spend, yes. It’s so much quicker and so much easier for me to tap that button and magically get all the gear I need or get the next OP character.

That’s why I quit spending. I remember back when creativity in team composition mattered. I remember streaming during a raid tourney and taking down (then) OP 5* teams with teams of average, run of the mill 4*s. I remember how proud I was when I finally got that 4* Mark with like 10 minutes left on the roadmap.

We don’t need free pulls, free coins, or more OP characters, we need roadmaps that encourage engagement and content that provides the user with fulfillment. We need the team (ahem… paging @JB.Scopely) to look back at when the game was at its most popular and profitable time. Am I saying that 6* characters should bite the dust, no. I’m saying the event structure, the reward structure, character release timeline, etc. were managed much better back then.


I agree pretty much. My suggestion is simply an emergency blood transfusion they could do now.