Hello new forum members Please find the search button

Please for all the sanity of us members who have seen the same questions get asked 3 times a day for the last months. Please please please try the search button before you make a post. Your question might have been answered already. If you chose to not be prepared for a barrage of sarcasm


@Duffy1978 Have you heard anything about these gold bars?


Hey do you know when next gate is coming??? search button is useless

Is there an update to FA coming soon?
And what about my free stuff that I done nothing to deserve like jonesgate?
And Carl to the museum

Ahh I love it anyone know about the knives

Only newest info that might be most correct so no you can’t search before info is always mixed

Where I can I use my plushies?

How can I see how many keys I have?

I know I’ve been collecting gold bars, but they aren’t showing in inventory…



I don’t really care what music you are listening to


Legit, welcome new forum users.

Excuse us old timers for being rude, we need some funny back.

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Can we get more gear and armory tokens?

Scrolling down on the main page will help greatly. 99% of the time.

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Carl to the museum

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Shouldn’t have to do that, should be a weekly pinned updated log of question that’s updated that we can look first or very referred to. Again asked for this month’s ago but I guess Scopely likes to be asked the same question 50 different other ways

It is certain?

You just won post of the year nobody can beat this one!

When can I transfer??

When can i stop sucking scopely its been almost 5 years

Will be 5 years in late August

April for me :wink:

Or be like that one dude who asked about gold bars, got his question answered & 26 days later he made another thread asking about gold bars again.