Hello im kor gamer

Best regards, I am a gamer who enjoys RTS in Korea
I’m tired. I love Walking Dead. I was really happy when this game came up.
The part of the game that game felt attracted to was lodemap story
But you know what?
Now scopely seems to think about money.
6 star characters? Are you kidding me?
I was surprised to see Jeremia selling for $ 110.
That’s right.
Suddenly the server management is strange.
Old players are tired of continuing cash payments
New players have difficulty with simple tutorials
I have a blog for new players
Please pay attention to the ongoing operations for new and old players.


North or south?

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Couldn’t be north…right…

Definitly not the north. Lmao

Perhaps kim jong un is a fan of scopleys management tactics and promotes the game as some sort of “things could be worse approach”


im South Korean lol

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sorth :slight_smile:

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right :wink:

You’re smart :slight_smile:

lol :smile: It’s a funny joke

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Good thing your not North lol but welcome to the fourms hope you have fun and try to ignore the hate :grin:

nice meet you dud lol :slight_smile:

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