Heart break event

Can you balance the requirements? The milestones item is so rare that even if you grind you cant get the tokens. (Trying to be careful not saying anything that could get this post deleted so imma stop there)


Why struggling for a 3% chance to pull an ascendable ? Enjoy your life sir


Yeah right im just mad because i got a lot of bugs on the game and it bothers me that they poops things like this.

But yeah might quit though. This crap is just getting worse.

Your getting free pulls for just doing normal participation in events… Like why complain about everything?


Wow people can do free pulls on a 3% chance to get ascendable or 6*!!! Sooooo generous to give like 3 pulls. IM SO GRATEFUL!

You serious now?

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So then don’t participate in the event. I bet you used that first pull.

Is the chance relevant? You have a 0% chance to pull an ascendable if you aren’t given enough items to get the tokens…


Better than premiere and it is a guaranteed 5* so I arn’t complaining


Ofc i did smartass, but why they give so many of one item if you cant even the others by farming?

Seriously. They are in milestones of tournaments that you would otherwise be doing anyway. So I don’t get it.

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Because they are a business and they are selling the other items to make money. 2 free pulls on this wheel for the minimum milestones required is great.

Why you replying to me for?

I was agreeing with you.

I prefer not wasting my time for a little chance to get an aging character honestly.

Oh yeah right they aren selling enough

People wouldnt be complaining that much if they actually gave a shit about what they sell. Migh aswell go to a fast food and the guy spit in your meal you gonna thank him

Oh ok just got confused it a saw it as a bit passive aggressive so I didn’t really know

Not necessarily true. I wouldn’t engage anyways. Most of the times levelups aren’t worth it

The “event” is lame with regards to odds. But you got a point. I’ll gladly take the shot at something good and some more fodder for ascendance / levelup.
And I’ll hate Scampley a little more for these horrible odds. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

500k is pretty doable for most. Gets you a nice 4 raid cans and 90 necklace pieces.

You are not missing anything I received Morgan as my pull who I had as my second five star from the beginning of the game so you are not missing anything…

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