Health or Defense

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Health is usually used to counter the effects of Bleeding. More Health means that it’ll take a long time for your affected character to bleed out.

Defense comes around when you have to fight enemies that have their ARs and attacks based on brute strength. It simply decreases the amount of damage, but doesn’t reduce the amount of Bleeding damage dealt to you, since Bleeding doesn’t count as normal damage.

Perhaps it’s best to pair health bonuses with a Team Leader’s defensive Leader skill. Like Carl.

I like to mention that high hp instead of def can help with getting more AP on defense and increase damage from a reflect attack, while more def stat would reduce both.

That’s the only benefit I can think of, because bleed is useless oh maybe help with burn.

I don’t think this is correct. If I’m not mistaken ap gained when being attacked is relative to the % of hp lost and not necessarily the amount of hp lost

Is base on the damage receive, so if your a def tank your going to receive less damage, if your a hp tank you receive more damage but is cool because you have a lot more hp.

Hp doesnt use duct tape or polishing kits
So i prefer adding hp instead of defence if i dont have any

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there is no -30hp for the next 2 turns and so on skills or weapons and that’s why i always opt for hp over def.