Health Bar Issue


Health bar on zero & characters are fighting on death mode


Zero health yet still alive

bug with new update. 0 health and toons still alive.

Also get rid of the new blood splatter visual. It’s not needed.


The issue also occurs in survival road & the world map



I’m thinking a hefty compensation is needed here. The more free stuff I can get the better I will feel about this situation & I’m not talking bout one free refill or some pitiful tokens that I can shove up everyone’s a-hole.



Is this a beta issue or in main version too?


I cant see the issue, you’re not in death mode, what I saw it was your Negan being stunned for two turns (Mirabelle’s AR and then Shiva’s AS) and then killed, as he was the your last alive fighter, he portrait never gets actived and it goes straight to the enemy turn twice.


when toons have low health like less than 100 or so give or take, they seem to barely take any damage after that. its like the become indomitable toons.

no buffs or anything and zeke had like 100 or so health left and my shiva and carl hit him and he didnt die. THATS A BUG! Ive lost a raid because I thought the toons were dead but they didnt die. there is an issue that needs to be researched when toons have low health


Ah, I see what you guys are pointing out, looks like it is a visual issue indeed, if you check the HP number in the negan’s portrait, you guys can see, he wasn’t 0 HP in fact.

@CombatMan can you check if there was any progress bar bug fix that could cause this knock on?


its more than visual, like seriously…they almost become indomitable once they hit a certain health number and the number of attacks needed to kill them increase.

also as you can see above, toons that are at 0 are still alive. its a very active and serious bug in the beta update. thanks for any assistance, appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Can anyone send a screenshot from the 0 HP fighter dossier when that happens?


I’ve experienced this, it feels like a hit that should kill the enemy doesn’t finish them, it just reduces the hp to double digits. It’s frustrating because it feels like it takes an extra hit to kill someone off



Then there is no point in me continuing with this if you can’t see it in the video

This development team concerns me a great deal



its not a visual LMAO no 5 strar toon sits at 50 hp afar being shit with 4 6 star greens…


Game worked fine for me til I did my beta update.
Now all toons take 1 to 2 extra turns to kill in ALL of my regions.
I know this because I attacked one of my test teams on a different account that
had not been lvl’d or changed in ANY way since before the BETA UPDATE.
NOT RIGHT to change game for beta players with NO notification during a raid tournament.
Unfair playing advantage for others.
I NEVER had this issue in this game until I just did that beta update.
This issue screwed up so many raids I had won that all of a sudden other players toons are invincible.
Bunch of b.s


Same issue in roadmaps, you can beat opponents down to seemingly 0 HP and it can still take another 2 hits to kill them, I’m not sure whether it’s a display issue or what but it’s disorienting at the least.


its a combination of 2 things, one is that once they get down to low HP your attacks seem to do less damage resulting them not dying quiicker

during raids i recorded some fights before the update, i faced the same teams over and over again. as soon as the update was installed the same teams were surviving a lot more.


It seems like almost all toons now have tenacity lol

Hits that normally kill them, leave them with under 100hp now


im pretty sure i faced a red clem whose tenacity triggered twice due to this issue, i may have imagined it as i wasnt paying attention, but something dodgy definatley happened i looked fir her again to raid and test but couldnt find her, so there may be an issue with tenacity as well


Is no one with this issue able to post a screenshot of the dossier when they reach 0 hp and still alive?