Heal Reduction with Infection Toons

With Infection being more and more prevalent… Question on 35% heal reduction for red Team Player lvl 4. Is the 35% relative to the amount being healed or a flat rate? Meaning if someone is healed by a 40% heal, will they heal 35% less of the 40% equaling a 26% heal? Or will they heal just the 5% over the 35% reduction? I’ve always assumed it’s the former based on the wording. And lastly, does heal reduction stack if you have multiple of these red weapons?

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Reduces % healed by % defined. If at 100% heal reduction, will also prevent revive when active. It won’t stack in my opinion. Have not experienced this in battle.

At this point (looking at you, Clementine) it doesn’t stack, neither between weapons, nor with leader skill (Guo), nor with rush/active effect. Instead, the highest HP reduction is applied, negating the cooldown on the lesser ones (example you have a 35% HR weapon under Guo as lead. Guo’s lead skill is 75% for 3 turns, so that one wins. If you use a 100% HR from Amber’s rush in turn 1 (commanded), those three enemies will get 100% HR in turn 1, but will have Guo’s effect negated and instead, they will get 35% from the weapon effect in T2 and T3 (other toons not hit by Amber’s rush will keep 75% from Guo still)

If you have x% infection for y turns, within those y turns you need be subjected to a skill that would aim to heal x% of your cureent max HP after the reduction was applied (since you can be at full HP, the aim is necessary, not actual HP regained) - as mentioned here, 100% HR will prevent any healing, so infection can’t be cleared.

35% heal reduction against Pete’s 40% max HP heal will result in aiming to get 26% of max HP healed, so it can easily remove 15% (Mateo / Trader’s AS) or 25% (Trader’s weapon) infection.
Green stun/heal weapons (15% over 2 turns, i.e 19.5% total under 35% heal reduction) can get rid of Trader’s AS, but not weapon’s infection.

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One thing (quite useless, but an option) for roadmaps, you can use healing items to clear infection too - it might just take a LOT (deluxe HP healing just 500 hit points, so 5% on a 10k max HP toon)


Awesome, thanks for detailed reply!

No it does stack man

Also worth noting that 35% heal reduction will prevent one use of Aarav’s weapon from healing Traders AS and will prevent 35% or worse heals from healing his weapon infection.

To calculate how much it will reduce it to, multiply the % healed by 0.65 and you will get the adjusted % healed.

It doesn’t and only did stack due to a bug which is now fixed


What about heal reduction from 5* weapons ?

Doesn’t too, would have been quite a nice combo with infection based teams otherwise

I killed two toons with aarav and it didn’t cure traders infection, no heal reduction. The infected toon had full hp so maybe that was why.

Full hp won’t make a difference, it’s about what the heal could have cured.
How were the toons infected? If they were infected by his AS then something is bugged, however, if they were infected by his weapon, then this requires a higher heal to cleanse than Araav’s weapon will provide.

Yep. Active skill grants 15% infection, but the infection from his weapon is 25%. So, if Aarav killed one toon the infection should have been reduced down to 5%

It was from the active, it was my command that got infected. And I killed 2 toons in a line with aarav so should have worked for the weapon too. I switched aarav’s weapon to the default one that heals to check if it worked and it didn’t.

Minerva’s rush is 175%, I think you’ve got her and traders weapon confused

Aarav heal on weapon and some other heals are bugged atm, does not work if character high HP saw a lot of peeps exploiting this with zero damage teams and two traders.

Yes, you’re right… thanks to point that out, so I could edit my post.

You know what’s funny? I actually went to check the museum toons to type it right and saw that both Minerva and Daiyu have infections that are virtually impossible to heal, but noticed that the Trader has 15% AS and 25% weapon. But how I mixed that up to mention Minerva I don’t know… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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