Heal reduction limited or covers?


If posted elsewhere i apologize…
Does heal reduction stop health bonus from Monica, Wyatt, Erika, Jesus, and any I missed.
Or is it just against HOT and basic heals.
I keep trying to test but keep failing to find a health buff.


I can tell you it works on stopping enemies affected by the heal reduction from being revived. If I were to guess, I’d say it wouldn’t affect health bonuses because technically it’s not a heal, rather a addition to a toon’s health. If it doesn’t work this way, I’d think of it as a bug to be honest.


Basic Heals, Heal Over Time, Revive, and Bonus HP

Doesn’t impact HP bonuses from Leaders or Weapons since those expand max HP on combat start, rather than being an instance of healing.


FYI, Temp HP hadn’t previously been considered with regards to Heal Block, so until a future update it’s unaffected by it.

Bug or Mechanic?

Temp hp? What does that refer to?


temp hp is just Bonus HP by another name. Sometimes as devs we’ll just forget which name is the actual name and which is the data name. :wink:


Oh I see.

So right now Erika bonus to 35 % is not affected by heal reduction.

But in future update it is expected to be affected by heal reduction. So 50% heal reduction = 17.5% bonus hp

Better off calling it over-heal, as bonus hp doesnt sound like a healing effect. Doesnt matrer in the big picture though.


Thanks for the clarification!


As much as i love my Wyatt. It does heal him for over 700hp atm… Will be more at t4 max


Ty for the clarification


I think he’s asking if applying heal reduction to Erika will prevent Erika from reviving/healing enemies.