Heal reduction bugged !?!

So I know all the penalties and bonuses should have one and only one value and its only the highest one .
But how ever scopley don’t you think heal reduction should be an exception of this rule .
Yes , first heal reduction should be added to second … Until reach a 100%
Other wise your toons with 50 and 75% heal reduction are garbage .
I know you don’t care cause almost all premieum toon that gives you money have a 100%

Let’s Say I have Rickb15th anniveraary ans Naya , if I rush both in the same turn it should be -100% not -75% . thats what logical said to me .
The toon with -50% heal reduction still have a 50% heal . so if I rush Rick it should be gone for the next 3 turn scopley

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Debuffs/buffs never add together. The higher debuff always takes the place of the lower.
All heal reductionnis useful as it also prevents bonus HP.


Case closed. This man speaks truth.

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Except for when they do: indomitable, on a roll…

His point is, this should be another exception.


Those are skills and specifically state that they stack. I don’t include those as they those are a UNIQUE feature of a toon

And his title states it is bugged, therefore implying it is not working as intended


Those are skills that show as buffs/ debuffs, so stacking of buffs/ debuffs already exists as a game mechanic. They could stack heal reduction in a similar way.

If you don’t like the suggestion, that’s fine, but discounting it because of “but that’s not how buffs work” isn’t a great argument. They work that way by a choice, which can be changed.


Again, his title indicates the product he is talking about is not working as intended. I believe it is and that helps reduction of all levels is useful.
I believe it should stay working the way it is as it is a rebuff like defense down or attack down and should not be the exception to the rule.

Unless there is a active skill created using it.
Just because the tech exists does not mean it should be used

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Definitely the title was an attention getter, as it caught my eye as well, but it was pretty obvious from the first two sentences that he understands how buffs/debuffs work and is suggesting a change.

FA Tara already has heal reduction as an active skill, but it’s 100% so no need to stack it.

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He’s talking about toons without 100% like Dwight or Conrad

Not as an active, has their actual skill. Like and indomitable or on a roll

Like “each attacking enemy revives 10% heal reduction when targeting this character”

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The 50 and 75 ones are pretty bad I agree.

@Bane is just scared of heal reduction stacking and his whale defense team not boosting their hp to something stupid

At op tho, i agree, that would be amazing to have them stack to 100% as anything else allows for revive, heals and hp boosting and why promos or any toon gets 50% or 75% is beyond me, seems like they like to mash things together in a rush now so a little 50% heal reduce sprikled on top makes it sell more? Idk but 100% hr is amazing and toons like naya, dwight, richard, rick, drive me crazy with the 50% or 75%

The top part is false, but did make me chuckle

What would be a a decent change if they change healing reduction to healing resistance or the combination of the two.

Option 1

The effects of 100% is unchanged

75% has a chance to block the healing skill and has a 25% chance of succeeding

50% chance is 50/50 whether the healing goes through or not.

Option 2

The effects of 100% is unchanged

75% heal reduction like normal but has a 25% chance to block the healing skill

50% heal reduction like normal but has a 50% chance to block the healing skill.

Implying @Bane isn’t capable of enabling auto and killing most teams.

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