Heal reduction bug..Arrav ghost


I had killed arrav and James and the fat lady had used her active skill which is crosshairs and recover heal reduction , then arrav revived but i couldn’t target him and he couldn’t attack either. I’m guessing he had heal reduction from christa and when he recovered from that he revived. (No one used a revive rush or active)

are you able to replicate this and send video maybe? My line ID is “Linkesus.” with the period

I didn’t take a video unfortunately

are you able to try and replicate it? See if it’s a ‘consistent’ visual bug or not - anyone in your faction have an aarav to friendly dual?

i Don’t know if it’s specific to the toons. But I could try and see if I can replicate it. This battle was in territories however

that is actually the point of the video and seeing if it can be replicated :slight_smile: Helps identify toon combinations - battle play etc

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Happened to me too, but it was on blue andrea

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Can’t find the right team to use it on but if I come across it while raiding I’ll make sure to record

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sounds good thanks!

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