Head's Up, Devs Incoming!


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to give a head’s up that after our visit to IUGO – it’s clear that more devs want to be part of the community and here for you where they can be. I will do what I can to support them and help them be involved where I am able but I wanted to let you know what’s to be expected.

  1. Devs #1 jobs are not communicating on the forums, probably not even their 2nd job. This means they will check in when they can and if there’s something that they want insight on directly, but they are not always available.
  2. Please treat the devs the way you would want to be treated. They are passionate and work hard every day to fix, build, design, and create a game for you and themselves as gamers. If a Developer is harassed or insulted directly, you will be banned. No exceptions.
  3. Before you report something to the forums, put in a report to Support in-game or twdsupport@scopely.com. That puts it in the system first, we can help where we can on the forums later, but CS should be the first place technical issues go.
  4. Above everything, the devs are excited to be a part of the community. Please note they are shy after observing the forums from afar up until now, I’m sure you all understand why. But, now that there is a dedicated community manager, they were willing to jump in and meet you all. Please keep this in mind when interacting with them. They feel for the playerbase and love their game.

Let’s do our best to make the forums a home for both dev and community member!

Thank you everyone!

Why are so many people being so rude to Kalishane


This can only mean good things for us.

Welcome Dev’s. We don’t all bite (hard)!