Headlights, How many lvl ups

Hello, how many lvl ups with headlights can we expect? I always wanted Violet but in my region even 10M is not enough to get first so Id like to know how many lvl ups with headlights left and plan it somehow :thinking:

Also how about headlights in at least one sr and raid event? Just in one of each :pray::slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t even waste your time with these collections, it’s honestly not worth it. But if you wanna go for violet, good luck. It’s really a shame how last year we actually had good museum-character collections for f2p (Eugene, abe, Wyatt, Vincent etc), it’s really disappointing how downhill things are spiraling. The amount of gear we’re getting is significantly reduced, yet we’re expected to put out high scores every level up to get these characters? It really makes no sense.


If someone were to make an educated guess by looking at the length of the collection in the museum and then looking at the calendar on the forums, it might look like roughly 7 solo level ups in that time frame.

These LU rewards aren’t meant to be the same as free collection events we got in the past. Michelle is more like Eugene, Abe, etc whereas these LU rewards are meant to replace old LU rewards, where top 3 players got an ascendable 5*.

Violet not worth it ??? She is still one of the best green charac in game…


Okay, but in the 5* era, you were guaranteed the character when you placed top 3, not collections items which require you to win multiple level ups. True, the Michelle event is more like the Wyatt/Vincent/Eugene/Abe etc events which is nice. But They could have ended it at platinum medals, and not bait players into wasting resources for characters that don’t really make a significant difference in the meta.

I’d 100% take an attacking character (Chris/Alice/Diego/etc) over violet. Defenses aren’t that difficult to put together, it’s combating them that’s the issue.

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i want that abs def ax


In the 5* era, it was top 7/10.

When 6s came out, the guaranteed ascendable 5 was first in the 2Mil milestone, before changing into top 3 for LUs.

So to get the 15k character, it does require 1 more LU effort than before, but many people seem to forget that the 3 choices of characters we’re getting were significantly better than the characters we got in the past.

I’m not saying the new LU system doesn’t have its pros and cons compared to the old LU system, but comparing this LU system to a totally different style of events in the past is not fair.

If I remembered correctly, Abe, Lucas, Eugene, etc had their collection items in milestones or as raid drops. They were clearly more meant to be participation rewards for every type of event, compared to how LU collection items are strictly placement rewards for LUs (and one raid tournament) to reward players who ended on top. It’s just not a fair comparison.

Okay well, you first said that wyatt and eugene were good charac for you, so from this sight violet is amazing. Then you talk about alice and diego, but this kind of charac will obviously never be given that way… chris maybe, but not so good. Wayland would have been nice, but violet is really fine

So, sorry to disagree, but violet is top and i will do whatever needs to go pick her.

In my region it takes well over 1,250,000 to get in the top 50. Not enough gear to go around, and all my toons are leveled up too much to make any real dent in the leaderboard, even if I get that 1.25 million milestone. This new reward structure is crap for large regions. If these collection items carried over onto the following collection, then it would be fine, but as is, it locks everyone who isn’t consistently in the top 50 into a rewardless cycle of poverty.


I have Violet and I can confirm that she is amazing. Way better than all other F2P def characters and well worth chasing after.

Do you know what the scores would be in Alice was a prize in the level up? Way over 10 million… people are acting like it would be so easy to win one of these. Winning a level up is always hard.

Going top 50 consistently is the bad way to hit these LU events. Go for 1st or top 3 and finish it with less score and resources put in.

I agree. They should just give us one kind of token and let us save up. More like the supply depot or league tokens. That would encourage consistent playing.


All valid points. It’s moreso a critique than a comparison. Yup you are correct those events had collection items in milestones and were spread out in different tournaments. At least with the system prior to this one, you had a chance of getting 5* tokens which is better than nothing, in the sense that, you could be hitting 500k casually each level up during headlight event and get nothing.

I’ve gone to bed on 2,000,010 and woken up outside top 50 - fuck Scopley’s event scheduling

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Europe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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People want that dynamite lol

Id love to see Alice in museum… guarantee there would be scores in the 20mils in a few regions