Headed to SR zero. Update

Almost there, down to SR level 3. Supply depot is mostly closed off to me now. 5 of 8 blocks I cannot use in the depot because my level is too low.

What do I hope for in the end. It varies
Ultimate goal. Reach level 0, cause a major alogoritm fault, which crashes the game. Even better if it were to occur during the War of Champions. Could you imagine.

Closer to reality goal: just hit SR0 and everything give zero points. Currently right now, I get a measly 1070exp for the 9 stages.

“Why so Serious?”

Why stop at zero? New goal: SR level -1


You must be in a small region if you’re only 926th.

My rank of 926, is when I stopped at level 79. There’s about 500+ here in this region.

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