Having some Doubts

Its 2am so if I say something out of character I blame it on that…and Τσίπουρο…

I Aperantly still had line on and some notifications came and basicly fast foward I go back to ze game…

it Basicly went like this

shιt talking basicly everyone that doesnt like me(alot of people not a suprize)

Everyone knowing me but I dint knew them(Happens even in real life)

So then…I See the weirdest shit.

This guy used to be to a top faction,Like top 4 on crw(like 3 months ago)

now hes ina not so populated faction and is just chilling.

anyways we have been shιt talking since I met him(like 6 months) and shit talk again as soon as we meet again.

anyways I join hes fac just for the lols and well.
He was quite Cool supringly…He helped me understand some new stuff about the game…Not what I expected from someone like him.

I initially came back to just troll what’s left,But I’m not sure anymore…

should I possibly come back from this 3 month old brake…

will Steve Smooky come back and in what form

ultra troll or A cool dude

Tell me what you think Anons.

goodnight kek

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Well, it’s 1:40am here and I can blame the time for that, but I have no clue what your point was supposed to be… glad you’re part of the game again, push for S-class Kenny and less Pepe :wink:

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No it’s not worth coming back to


That’s what I see as well…

theres a shit ton of S class Now and everything is so strangw

Embrace the darkside again and be consumed by the addiction.

Also proves Kennys test has made you stronger


Me glykaniso h xwris?

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People not in my faction are my enemy. It’s always been this way. There are exceptions sure… but only to a point.

People who are in my faction are cool and I will gladly share knowledge with them. Most people in the game are cool when you get to know them. We all share a common love of the walking dead game.

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I share with everyone, tips ideas heads up etc love Brooks❤️

Damn Steve, I had a similar experience about a week or so ago. I, however, noped the fuck back out of there after a few minutes :wink:


is this all justa test of Kenny?

God damn He’s Plan sure is somewhat cruel.

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