Having Multiple Ezekiels Isn't Bad


If you got 2 Ezekiels you could just outfit both of them with 30%atk/critical/AD weapons. Saying that having 2 Ezekiels on the same team is useless is like saying having 2 neutralizers on the same team is useless. Seriously, how many people who have said this actually made a team with multiple Ezekiels? You could essentially increase the amount of times you proc guardian II. Use your imagination, don’t always trust what others say. Ezekiel can also clear impair and deals a lot of damage.


And will be a huge asset for faction assault


Important to note that only 2 guardian bubbles per turn can be popped. So that is why some don’t bother having two on a team when there are others who could make a more well rounded team. But, in the instance that the first one doesn’t pop shields, maybe the second one will.


Also will be good for all yellow zombie sr


Ok but I have 3 Ezekiels now. Wanna spin that for me?


Wait you want me to put 3 Ezekiels on the same team?


Ok lets put it this way. Practical example time. You and your twin are both given a birthday cake. You are given a small cupcake with no icing or anything. Whereas your twin gets an expensive chocolate cake. would you feel slighted or at least dissapointed (no cake sharing possible, its an evil twin so hes a prck) sure, the plain cupcake is still nice and you would be content with it… If your evil twin terry didnt get something much nicer. Fck you terry you selfish b*stard


Only thing that I can think of about having 3 Zekes is that you now have 3 good teams for Faction Assault. I have 4 guardian shields across various toons, and I have 4 good turns every time I take on Negan’s tank.

You asked us to try to spin it for you, that is all I have got.


They are guardians, so…


Your only two shy of running a full Team Zeke! :crazy_face:


This analogy is amazing


A better analogy would be getting a gift from a parent or relative, one twin gets a better gift. Does the other twin swear off that relative and never talk to them again while continuing to bitch and complain about the free gift or does the twin accept the free gift, say thank you, and continue enjoying their birthday? Because there will be more birthdays and probably more free gifts as well


Personally yes, but that’s because im a pretty petty person :joy: but once again it doesnt mean that said twin isnt allowed to be dissapointed and even express said dissapointment to said relative. Sure, its slightly ungrateful in a real world example but people did put some sort of effort into obtaining these tokens. So its understandable that people might express their discontent with their bad rng.


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